2018 – 2019
I scored the opportunity to enter the Rookie Internship program at Under Armour, where I got to be one of the few in-house graphic designers in the Under Armour Portland Campus, where I worked as a Rookie Designer, and eventually worked my way up and became a Contract Designer.
As the sole Graphic Designer for the UA ICON Customization Platform, I supported various teams throughout Under Armour with graphic needs. My area of focus consisted of creation of colorways and designs to be used for social media, product launches, marketing, and inspiration.
I worked on coloring several silhouettes via the 3D customization platform, or through coloring line art tech packs, as well as the occasional photoshop. I was also in charge of curating images, patterns and prints to be used in the ICON Customizer Platform that would provide a better consumer experience.
Color Design • Digital Design • Digital Production, Image Curation, Marketing Collateral • Asset Management
For unreleased footwear and shoes that weren't modeled in the customization platform yet, colorizing their vector counterpart was a reliable way to get a sense of how color ways and patterns would live on them. 
The footwear designers would pass of beautiful line art technicals that I could then color and design.​​​​​​​


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